Getting Started

Welcome to Servr's documentation website. You will find a guide on how to use our product and our API documentation. If you need extra help, feel free to shoot us an email at

How it works

In a summarized way, there are 3 simple steps to server your app on a new custom domain with Servr:

  1. Instruct your customer or the domain owner to create a DNS record for it pointing to our global endpoint.

You can choose the method you prefer: An A record pointing to our global endpoint's IP Address or a CNAME record pointing to our global endpoint's domain name.



  1. Add the domain and its target to Servr either on by adding a new domain in the dashboard or, if you're integrating Servr into your app, by adding a new domain using our api.

  2. If DNS changes from step 1 are already propagated, the new domain will be authorized almost instantly and routing traffic to its target securely over HTTPS, otherwise we will keep monitoring the DNS records until they're set up correctly.

Next steps

Looks like you are serve your first domain with Servr